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We want a world where every citizen in every country will enjoy the best e-government services,
regardless of their gender, race, religion, or the economic development of their countries...
This dream will only come true through the availability of the best open & free software.
Everybody is welcome to participate in free-gov. Know how may you get involved"

Free-gov is free software for free governments. This is a people's initiative (there is no "company" behind this project), and everybody is welcome to download the code, to study it, to improve it, to find errors, write translations, documentation... or just to spread the word!

Free-gov is 100% free software, because freedom and independence are important to us, and also should be important to serious governments.

GNU Free software OSI Certified Licence   GNU Affero GPL license

Free-gov specifications at a glance
Open source ok (100% free software)
License GNU AGPL
Prog. language PHP 5
Prog. paradigm Mostly procedural
Operating System Independent
Architecture Client / Server
Interface Web + Intranet + Mobile
Modular ok
Database engine MySQL, Percona, etc.
Community support ok
Commercial support ok
I18N support ok (static method)

A diversity-friendly community

female friendly open fre software project Did you know that Free-gov is one of the few Free Software projects in the world headed by a woman?
However we have got old-school-hackers coding in the project too... the magic words are "diversity tolerance".
We are proud to be one of the most diversity-friendly Free Software projects in the world today!


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Technical documentation

The best source of technical documentation is the Free-gov Documentation Wiki.

Worldwide legislation concerning digital signatures and e-government


 Ley Nº 25.506 (B.O. 14/12/2001)   view html
 Decreto Nº 2628/02 (B.O. 20/12/2002)   view html
 Decreto N° 724/06 (B.O. 13/06/06)   view html


 Signature Law, 2000   view pdf


 Signature Law, 2001   view pdf


 Electronic Transactions Act 1999   view pdf
 Certification Service Providers Regulations 2002   view pdf


 Medida provisória 2.200-2   view html (https)


 PIPEDA   view html
 Federal secure electronic signature regulations   view html


 Electronic Signature Law of the People's Republic of China   view html

Czech Republic

 Act on Electronic Signatures, 227/2000   view html


 Lov om elektroniske signaturer   view html (https)


 Digital Signature Law, 2000   view html (https)
 Digital Signatures Act (consolidated text Dec 2003)   view html


 Laki sähköisistä allekirjoituksista, 2003   view html


 German Signature Law of 2001, changed in 2005   view html


 Presidential Decret 150/2001   view pdf


 Decreto Nº47-2008 (in Spanish)  view pdf


 Information Technology Act, 2000   view html


 Irish Electronic Commerce Act, 2000   view html (https)


 Decreto 7/3/2005 Nº 82, Codice dell'Amministrazione Digitale   view pdf


 Electronic Signatures and Certification Services Law, 2000 (in Japanese)   view html
 Electronic Signatures and Certification Services Law, 2000 (English translation)   view pdf


 Law on electronic signature, 2002   view html


 Loi du 14 août 2000 relative au commerce électronique, 2000   view pdf


 Digital Signature Act (Act 562), 1997 (in Bahasa)  view html
 Digital Signature Regulations (P.U.(A) 359), 1998 (in Bahasa)  view html


 Maltese Electronic Commerce Act 2001, last amended 2005   view pdf


 Lege cu privire la documentul electronic si semnâtura digitalâ, July 15, 2004   view html
 Law about Electronic Document and Digital Signature (in Russian)   view html

New Zeland

 Electronic Transactions Act 2002, sections 22-24   view html


 Electronic Signature Act, 2001   view html


 LEY No. 27269. Ley de Firmas y Certificados Digitales   view html


 Electronic Commerce Act of 2000   view pdf


 Legea semnâturii electronice, 455/2001   view html
 Law on the Electronic Signature, 455/2001 (English translation)   view html

Russian federation

 Federal Law of Russian Fed. on Electronic Digital Signature (10.01.2002)   view html


 Act no.215/2002 on electronic signature (in Slovak)   view html


 Electronic Business and Electronic Signature Act (in Slovene)   view html

South Africa

 Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002   view html


 Ley 59/2003 (19 de diciembre) de firma electrónica (in Spanish)   view pdf


 Qualified Electronic Signatures Act (SFS 2000:832) (in Swedish)   view html
 SFS 2000:832 (English translation)   view pdf


 Federal Law on Certification Services Concerning the Electronic Signature, 2003   view html


 Electronic Signature Law, 2004   view html

United Kingdom

 Electronic Communications Act, 2000   view html
 The Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002   view html

United States

 Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)   view html
 Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SIGN)   view html


 Concerning passwords or adequate information technology gestures   view html
 Concerning electronic and digital signature and PKI   view html


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