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We want a world where every citizen in every country will enjoy the best e-government services,
regardless of their gender, race, religion, or the economic development of their countries...
This dream will only come true through the availability of the best open & free software.
Everybody is welcome to participate in free-gov. Know how may you get involved"

Free-gov is free software for free governments. This is a people's initiative (there is no "company" behind this project), and everybody is welcome to download the code, to study it, to improve it, to find errors, write translations, documentation... or just to spread the word!

Free-gov is 100% free software, because freedom and independence are important to us, and also should be important to serious governments.

GNU Free software OSI Certified Licence   GNU Affero GPL license

Free-gov specifications at a glance
Open source ok (100% free software)
License GNU AGPL
Prog. language PHP 5
Prog. paradigm Mostly procedural
Operating System Independent
Architecture Client / Server
Interface Web + Intranet + Mobile
Modular ok
Database engine MySQL, Percona, etc.
Community support ok
Commercial support ok
I18N support ok (static method)

A diversity-friendly community

female friendly open fre software project Did you know that Free-gov is one of the few Free Software projects in the world headed by a woman?
However we have got old-school-hackers coding in the project too... the magic words are "diversity tolerance".
We are proud to be one of the most diversity-friendly Free Software projects in the world today!


Because one image is worth a thousand words...

Sample screenshot of free-gov running

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 About free-gov free software initiative

What is "free-gov"

Free-gov is a free software system especially designed for e-government, providing Electronic Record Management with full Digital Cryptographic Signature support.

Free-gov when properly installed is extremely secure, fast and scalable. Is an ideal platform for e-government implementations of any size and purpose.

Free-gov is a modular platform. In the core, free-gov offers a strong user authentication, ACL, logging, record management and digital cryptographic signature. Over the core can be installed any quantity of optional modules for different specific tasks (Municipal Complaints Management, for example). All modules are also free software, in the same freedom spirit of free-gov.

Officials can access their software screens from Intranet or Internet, using PCs, thin clients or mobile devices. People may access public services form Internet, or self-service terminals.

Free-gov installations provides the best e-government services on the most secure infrastructure with the lowest costs. And more important: free-gov installation provides the freedom and independence that only free software can guarantee to the public sector.

Software license

Free-gov software is released under GNU AGPL license, an OSI certified and widely used Free Software License from the Free Software Foundation. All modules, improvements and future versions will use the same free license.
Free-gov will always be completely free, and will never exist "commercial versions" or "pro versions" with improved features. Free-gov is our best achievement shared with the world.

System architecture

Scalable, powerful and secure enough to be used in most important government installations.
Clear, maintainable and simple enough to be used in the smallest public dependencies.
Based on a fast, secure and strong foundation free-gov can be enhanced adding purpose-specific modules. This flexibility makes Free-gov an ideal technology solution for multiple e-government requirements.

free-gov system architecture

If you want to join free-gov development, please read project guidelines.

Cryptography and Digital Signature support

Digital Signature and document authenticity are protected by strong public/private key cryptography. Free-gov also provides Certificates acting as Certification Authority and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for free.
Based on OpenSSL libraries our digital signature scheme guarantees user's authentication, document integrity and non-repudiation of origin. By this property a person that has signed some information cannot at a later time deny having signed it. Similarly, access to the public key only does not enable a fraudulent party to fake a valid signature.
Free-gov scheme amply meets legal requirements for "secure electronic signature" in all countries (note that in some countries law requires the use of their official PKI, what is easily supported by free-gov).

Why did we choose PHP language for free-gov development

PHP is running some of the largest web sites in the world: Yahoo, Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Digg, and some parts of Google. PHP is also used in about 75% of all webservers in the world.

Commercial support

If a public institution wants to use free-gov but doesn't have qualified professionals for system implementation, we may get in touch with experts available for providing commercial support. Free software won't be an obstacle. We must provide all the possible ways to allow the use of the best software in all scenarios. Just contact us, we will put you in touch with qualified professionals in your area.

The people behind free-gov project

Free-gov is a people's initiative: there is no "company" behind this project, and everybody is welcome to participate. Free-gov involves the work of many contributors (providing code, images, web design, translations, text corrections, etc.)
Everybody's work is valuable for the project. As in every Free Software Project, our community is organized as a meritocracy where each one get judged exclusively by his/her contribution and capability.

Free-gov leaders are the people who started the project donating to the world years of development work, experience and a solid software foundation.

Iris Montes de OcaIris Montes de Oca, project leader and Initiative's President Is a software developer and public official with 19 years experience in government administration.
As developer she created software solutions for hundreds of common problems in government, acquiring experience in technology as well as in e-government implementation strategies.

"An increasing number of countries are legislating for Free Software adoption in the public administration. However, the obstacle for definitive migration to Free Software was the lack of mature and scalable open source products especially designed for the public sector at data-center level, beyond ofimatic applications in desktop computers. Free-gov is the response of our developers community to the last excuse for government's Free Software adoption."

Eduardo GlezEduardo Glez, project co-leader is an Electronics Engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks. His main activities are robotics and electromedicine development (as well as jazz sax playing).
Eduardo provides hard-science grounding to free-gov software. He also establishes the code quality theresholds for contributions acceptance.

"The first desirable feature of a good piece of software is security. The second one is algorithmic efficiency: programmers must always find the solutions that saves system resources. This way we can serve more users with less computing power, less servers, less energy consumption... To choose the right algorithms is to save costs."


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Free-gov is a free software project (AGPL licensed) and a non-profit international initiative providing free software for all governments and citizens in the world

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